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  2. underwatercrystalzone:

    daniel thing stiner

    The 36-page sequel to Underwater Crystal Zone. This newly remastered edition sports a full color cardstock cover and freshly grey-toned interior pages.

    Navigate weird portals. Befriend magical beings. Transcend the inner doors of the mind and find your self on the other side. Welcome to the underwater crystal zone.

    Now available in my online shop for $5.

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  3. Escape from Cubicleland will be printed or I will die trying. Here is a probably mostly done cover for it. Stay tuned.

  4. Finished! On an art supply bugdget of $0, I cannabalized my daughters’ little easel and used a beveled glass shelf from my wife’s curio cabinet to create a collapsing light box. I had rigged it a while ago but it didn’t colllapse and I had no practical way to store it. Problem solved! Now if I need it I can just break it out and set it in front of my desk lamp for instant light box action!

  5. can’t remember if I ever posted this before….

  6. near complete first page of a thing I’m doing for a local comics anthology

  7. page 4 of 5… slowly but surely..
    I think this little story is gonna get the color treatment too…

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  8. something is going on here… I’m about 3/5 of the way done inking this little story and then I’ll post it!

  9. forgot this dude was lurkin on the part of the shelf that faces the wall…

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  10. I got interviewed about my epic rap career, comics stuff, psychedelics, etc over here:


  11. ffunkkkya:

    just came across this comics thing. WOAHH that is fly.

    just found this jazz blog that blogged a sequence from EfCL.. didn’t credit me but whatevs.. I’m still glad to see someone enjoying it for the fact it had freakin Pharoah Sanders in it!

    (via ffunkkya)

  12. constellation-funk:

    Just found this cool webcomic called Escape From Cubicleland. The art is a little touch-and-go in places but the layouts are really interesting and phenomenal and it’s just kind of an inspiring little boost about following your dreams. Check it out, it’s fun and well made and clearly done by someone who cares a lot about what he’s doing. 

    whoa… thanks!!!

  13. liking the way this panel came out.. work in progress

  14. no computer but got pens. inking this fight comic I drew a while back. listening to inkstuds. on the phone.

  15. the final page of Escape from Cubicleland!


    really looking forward to getting this in print in 2013 and moving on to other projects!!!