1. Shamanic Stealth.  From the mini-comic UNDERWATER CRYSTAL ZONE.  You can buy this comic and add it to your collection of comics.

    Printed in black and white with a card-stock wrap around cover and cream-colored interior pages, UNDERWATER CRYSTAL ZONE is a 12 page minicomic/zine that features three 2-page comics, two 1-page comics and four stand-alone illustrations, created by me, dTS.  It is the size of half of a regular sheet of paper folded in half.

    Comic + Shipping within U.S. – $5 USD

    Comic + Shipping to Anywhere on Earth – $6 USD

    Envelope art or some other sort of one-of-a-kind art will be included with each order.

    PayPal to macawpeacock@yahoo.com

  2. Making more copies of my minicomic UNDERWATER CRYSTAL ZONE.  12 pg b&w comic with a cardstock cover. Featuring several short comics and a few illustrations.  

    Stay tuned for info on purchasing if you wanna pick up a copy.  WORD UP.

  3. L.A. Zine Fest 2012 POST #1

    The fest was a blast.  Awesome energy and SO many people excited about comix & zines.  Got to shake hands and trade work with some excellent folks.  I’ll post some haul pics and more thoughts later.

    Pictured above are the two remaining copies of Underwater Crystal Zone, the minicomic I created for this event.  More to come…

  4. L.A. Zinefest 2012 here I come!

  5. citriccomics:

    I posted a new big 24 page minicomic, Skrelg Hunting

    i love Ian’s comics


  6. invaderace:

    every time i get a minicomic in the mail or go to a small press thing, i get this HUGE surge of excitement and optimism that makes me want to make more stuff. i’m pretty sure minicomics and zines are provoked by benevolent supernatural beasts and that’s why 99% of the people who make them are so damn cool.

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  7. puppytube:

    Hey there, everybody! It’s raffle time!

    Everybody knows sharks and Christmas go together like … . . sharks and Christmas. That’s why I am doing the Jawsome X-Mas Giveaway Reblog Raffle Thing. It will end on December 27th, at which point one (1) winner determined by raffle will receive a free prize package and stuff. 

    Yeah, it’s one of those things! The prizes are as follows:

    • A copy of 2 minicomics I did a while ago, Jawsome 1 and Jawsome 2.
    • The original artwork for page 5 from Jawsome 2, and also my personal favorite page from either! (image is on the left! click to see the whole thing)
    • An ink drawing of whatever you want. Examples of my stuff is here. The drawing will be sent with everything else.

    The rules are simple!

    • If you reblog this post, you will have a chance of winning. You may reblog it as many times as you like but be reasonable yo! (also: likes don’t count)
    • Please have your askbox open! Please! If it isn’t, I can’t tell you if you’ve won! And I will have to skip you and pick someone else! Probably! So please have it open!
    • The reblog raffle will be open, once again, until December 27th! Woo!

    So, yeah! That’s all of that! Reblog if you would like a chance to win! (If you want to signal boost without actually winning anything, say so in your reblog)

    hey now!  this is cool!  Love Audrey’s art.  Check this out! 

  8. toys, crystals, minicomics…

  9. invaderace:


    not terribly fond of this page except for that last panel, which looks really cool on the original page.

    looks really cool on the scanned page too!  =)

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