1. L.A. Zine Fest POST #5 - Round Up

    Pictured above is a shirt I picked up designed by Alex Chui, a flyer for Eagle Rock Mini Comic Con (going down May 5th!), and a few pins (two from some dude “Hi I’m Daniel” - I dug that). 

    All those swag pics I just posted make it look like I spent a million bucks at this thing, but most of this cool shit I got from people who were down to trade for my comic.  Art as currency is some real futuristic shit that I hope the rest of the world gets with real quick.

    This is the first comics-anything I’ve gone to in real life, and it was so very much fun.  Everybody had a cool vibe and it was nice to be in a big buzzing hive full of people who were all there to be excited about comics and zines.  I got to meet some cats who were previously just Facebook acquaintances, and all kinds of new smiling faces.

    My brain is still back in that building - reflecting on the amazing amount of data I absorbed in a compressed amount of time - and I already can’t wait for next year’s L.A. Zine Fest!  Props to the people that put it together and thanks to everyone I met for being so humble and amazing!  Extra special shout out’s to my girl, for coming with me and for not sweating me obsessing over finishing my own minicomic all throughout the last few days!


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