1. L.A. Zine Fest Post #4: Collected Treasures #3

    BIG STUFF: Top row is all prints from artists who were new to me.  Mr. Malachi Ward who I can say is a swell dude traded me for his comic UTU, which looks beautiful (and you can get into it over at Study Group Comics).  I FINALLY got my hands on Rub the Blood, thank heavens, and thank Keenan Keller - he also had a ton of stuff that I would have loved to get my hands on if i had more cash, including his Galactic Breakdown comics.  I picked up two newspaper comics from Jon Vermilyea: The Princes of Time, and this TMNT one PIZZA TIME- dude, this cat had the sweetest selection of prints man… good god (I really wanted this Venom one he had).  Also I picked up a cosmic looking LP from the bookstore downstairs that was housing the event…

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