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daniel thing stiner makes comics and art. He likes weird music, cartoons, and video games. dts currently lives in North America with his wife, three kids, and all of their imaginary friends...


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L.A. Zine Fest Post #4: Collected Treasures #3

BIG STUFF: Top row is all prints from artists who were new to me.  Mr. Malachi Ward who I can say is a swell dude traded me for his comic UTU, which looks beautiful (and you can get into it over at Study Group Comics).  I FINALLY got my hands on Rub the Blood, thank heavens, and thank Keenan Keller - he also had a ton of stuff that I would have loved to get my hands on if i had more cash, including his Galactic Breakdown comics.  I picked up two newspaper comics from Jon Vermilyea: The Princes of Time, and this TMNT one PIZZA TIME- dude, this cat had the sweetest selection of prints man… good god (I really wanted this Venom one he had).  Also I picked up a cosmic looking LP from the bookstore downstairs that was housing the event…


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