First off, Josh Bayer kinda kills it by using the most accurate way to describe his cartooning in this book as it’s title:  RAW POWER.  A few pages in I was thinking of Maus meets The Dark Knight Returns, and it kinda sustained that feeling for me throughout, though bearing only miniscule possible surface or literal resemblance to either of those stories — it’s just kinda a vibe thing I guess???

    This is my first exposure to any long-form work from Josh and from the awesome cover shots I had seen beforehand I was pretty sure it was going to kick ass, and it really does.  Josh’s lines have so much *ahem* raw power and energy that they will inevitably propel you from cover to cover before you can blink and realize you just experienced a really solid read (weighs in at a hefty 48 pages).  

    Bonus adjectives and nouns: Brutal, Revisionist History, USA Covert Shit, Punk Rock, 8” x 10 1/2”

    The plot steps though several doors along the way, transitioning from the world behind it without directly looking back, and ends nowhere near what I would expect from the beginning — and I’m totally cool with that!

    P.S.  This is one of several awesome books I acquired via subscribing to Retrofit Comics.  Check out their subscription packages, which are both a steal and include free gifts.

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